By: Kurenaro Mirror and Aisyle

Aisyle and I wrote this script as an English assignment which was given to our group.

The theme was free as long as there were expression of “Expressing Satisfaction”, “Expressing Dissatisfaction”, “Expressing Relief and Pleasure”“Asking Opinion”, “Giving Opinion”, “Giving Advice”, “Giving Warning”, “Granting Request”, and “Expressing Pain”.

And so, this story, Charming and Bellekan, was a pun from the story that I’m sure all of us know. It’s Beauty and the Beast.

We tweak a little with the plot and the characters. And….. the Protagonist!

Find for yourself how the story is! Please enjoy!

Scene 1

Once upon a time, there lived a spoiled, self-centered little girl who would one day grow up to rule a kingdom. She was a very ill-mannered, haughty girl who was too used of ordering people around her. One day, an old woman came by the castle while it was snowing hard, and tried to ask for a shelter.

Bellekan : (Arrogant) Who are you?

Witch : I am a nobody, princess.

Bellekan : (Gives Witch an uncanny look) What is it that you want?

Witch : Could you give me a shelter, young princess? It is cold and freezing outside.

Bellekan : And what would I get in return?

Witch : If you would kindly give me a shelter, princess, as a return, I will give you this. (Hands out a rose)

 Bellekan : (Smiles scornfully) A rose? You’ll give me a rose in return for a shelter?

Witch : Yes, princess. It is only for one—

Bellekan : Go.

Witch : (Surprised) Pardon me, princess?

Bellekan : I said, go! You are wasting my time. (Pushes Witch roughly)

(Witch falls down, and her hood opened, revealing an ugly face)

Bellekan : (Flinches at Witch’s face) Go, and do not show me that hideous face of yours ever again!

(Bellekan starts to walk away, but Witch starts to laugh slowly and stands up)

(Bellekan is surprised and turns around)

Witch : You have disrespected me, and judged me by my appearance.

(Witch pulls out a wand and points it at Beast)

Bellekan : (Nervous) What are you doing?

Witch : I have seen that you care for nothing… you love no one but yourself. (Smiles) You are no better than a beast and you deserve to look like one!

Bellekan : I am sorry! Please, don’t! I beg you!

(Afraid, Bellekan starts to run away, but she stumbles down. Witch is waving her wand)

Witch : I will transform your servants into human-like household items, but, you will remain a prisoner in this enchanted place with no human company.

(Witch takes back the rose she has offered to Bellekan)

Witch : If you can learn to love another and earn their love in return by the time the last petal of this Rose withers and falls, then the spell will be broken. If not, you will be doomed to remain a beast forever. I leave you with that, and a gift.

(Witch puts the Rose gently on the ground next to her, and pulls out a Golden Mirror. Bellekan is crying, then she feels something weird happening to her body. She screams as if she is in pain, and the curtain closes)

End of Scene 1

Scene 2 

Years later, on a small farm in a nearby village, there lived a poor farmer with her two daughters and one son; Gertrude, Ursula, and Charming. She never made much money as her farm was very small. When she was a young woman, she lost the most valuable thing in her life. Her gentle and caring husband died due of sickness one year after she gave birth to their last child. Now, her children were almost a grown women and man, but she still felt the same pain in her heart for him. One day, she called her children.

Maria : All three of you, listen! We have more fruit from our trees, and more wheat from our fields, than ever before. I can sell a lot of food this year and I will go to town today.

Gertrude : (Happy) Can I come with you, Mother? I want to see the town just for once!

Ursula : (Also happy) Can I also come, Mother? I’m sure the town is wonderful!

Maria : I can’t take you both with me. But I will bring each of you a present.

Gertrude : I want a new satin dress! An expensive one!

Ursula : I want some new clothes, too. And I want some jewelry— a necklace, and a ring!

Maria : (Smiles) Well, I will buy you what I can.

(Maria looks at Charming, who is spacing out)

Maria : Charming, what do you want from the town?

(Charming doesn’t notice)

(Ursula and Gertrude try to startle Charming by shouting, “Rose! Rose!” to Charming’s ear)

Charming : (Startled) Rose!

Maria : (Laughs) A rose? That is one good wish for a boy.

(Starts to walk away)

Maria : Bye, three of you!

Charming : Eh, no, rose! I mean— Mother! Not a rose!

Maria : (From afar) I’ll make sure to bring you back a rose!

(Charming slumps down, face in his palms. He then glares at his two older sisters, who immediately giggle)

Charming : Thanks, you two.

(Gertrude and Ursula giggle and walk out of the room. The curtain closes)

End of Scene 2

Scene 3

Maria went to town and stayed in a small inn. The next day, she went to the market. She was hoping that she could buy all the things that her children wanted, but right after she arrived at the market, it became clear that she couldn’t possibly afford all of it. She could only buy one dress and a pair of shoes. Maria left the town in the next day, and the weather was terrible. It was cold, the sky was grey and heavy, and the wind was strong. As she left the town, it started to snow. Even though she had lived there all her life, she got lost. After walking around, she saw a castle and spent the night there. The next morning, just when she was going to left the castle, she saw the castle’s garden. The garden was beautiful – lovely green grass and flowers of every colors.

Maria : Just look at that rose! I have never seen anything so beautiful in all my life.

(Walks closer to the flower)

Maria : It cannot be real, it must be magic! It is a perfect present for Charming!

(Maria puts her hand forward to pick the rose)

Bellekan : LEAVE IT ALONE!

(Maria is shocked and terrified. From the darkness, emerges a figure. It is Bellekan)

Bellekan : Who do you think you are? I have allowed you to stay in my castle for a night and you STEAL MY ROSE!

Maria : Oh, I am very sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.

Bellekan : But you steal my rose!

Maria : I am sorry! But the rose wasn’t for me. I did it for someone special. Please forgive me.

Bellekan : …Alright. I’ll let you take the rose. But, you will have to give me the first thing you see after you get out of the forest. I will give you one week, or I will kill you.

Maria : (Considers it) Fine. I will fulfill your condition.

Bellekan : Now, take the rose and go!

(Maria picks the rose and walks out hurriedly. The curtain closes)

End of Scene 3

Scene 4

While Maria was having a trouble, Charming had his own troubles, too. Geovani, a topmost huntress in their village, targetted Charming to be her husband. Geovani, as an egomaniac and lunkhead woman, decided to visit Charming, with Le Fia, her sidekick, to his house.

Geovani : Le Fia!

Le Fia : Yes, ma’am!

Geovani : Remember what our agenda is for today?

Le Fia : Yes, ma’am!

Geovani : What is it?

Le Fia : Yes, ma’am!


(Geovani looks at Le Fia with an unapproving look)

Geovani : I said, what is our agenda for today?

Le Fia : Yes, ma’am!

Geovani : (Annoyed) Oi, you little dimwit. Answer my question right.

Le Fia : Yes ma’am! We are going to Charming’s house today!

Geovani : (Satisfied) That’s right. I will knock on his door, and then he will let me in. I will sit in his living room, and when he comes back to bring me my tea, I will kneel down and propose him to be my lovely husband.

Le Fia : (Nods) Right.

(Charming passes by)

Geovani : (Excited) Oh, oh! I don’t even need to knock on his door! He is already right in front of me. This is what you call a twist of fate!

(Geovani clears her throat and walks closer to Charming. Le Fia follows)

Geovani : Charming!

Charming : (Smiles politely) Oh, it’s you, Geovani.

(Without hesitating, Geovani kneels down in front of Charming, and takes out a box of ring)

Geovani : Will you, adorable Charming, be my lovely husband? I swear we will live a happy life in a lodge, with the little ones playing with dogs—

Charming : (Taken aback) Oh, Geovani. I am sorry, but I can’t accept it. Sorry.

Geovani : (Stands up) What are you saying, Charming? You can’t possibly reject my proposal!

Charming : I am terribly sorry, but—

(Voice from afar)

Ursula : Charming, where are you? I need you here, now.

Charming : Sorry.

(Charmings rushes away)

Le Fia : You got rejected.

Geovani : I got rejected. I can’t believe it.

(Geovani walks out in a strained way. Le Fia follows. The curtain closes)

End of Scene 4

Scene 5

Maria was thankful and glad that she could escape from the hideous beast, Bellekan. She felt like she was the luckiest woman in the world. She recalled her promise with the beast, and felt even more lucky. The first thing that she would see after getting out of the forest must not be something that was valuable to her. It might be something ordinary. Little did she know that when she got out of the forest, the first thing she saw was her most valuable.

(Maria closes her eyes and smiles)

Maria : Oh, imagine how delighted Charming would be when he saw the rose that I brought for him!

(Charming emerges)

Charming : Mother!

(Maria opens her eyes and sees Charming as the first thing she sees when she gets out of the forest)

Maria : (Horrified) No… no… no! It must not be you, it shouldn’t have!

Charming : (Confused) What is wrong, Mother? Are you alright?

Maria : No… (Angry) What are you doing here?!

(Charming is taken aback)

Charming : I was so worried about you, so I decided to wait for you here. What’s wrong, Mother? Would you please tell me?

(Maria is calmer)

Maria : Let’s… let’s just go home first. I will tell you, and your sisters what’s wrong.

End of Scene 5

Scene 6

Charming led the troubled Maria back to their house. Once they settled down, Maria explained to her children what had happened; how she got lost and found she encountered a hideous beast when she picked the rose for Charming.

Gertrude : Oh, Mother, the castle must be wonderful! Did you like it?

Ursula : Were you served with warm and fancy meals? Did it taste great?

Maria : The castle indeed was wonderful. And no, Ursula, I was not served with fancy meals. I only stayed at one of the rooms for a night.

(Charming is having deep thoughts)

Charming : But, Mother, how did you escape from the beast? You must be very lucky!

Maria : No… Well, at first, I thought I was lucky. But, turned out, I was not lucky at all.

(Maria spaces out)

Charming : What do you mean, Mother?

(Maria takes out the rose and gives it to Charming)

Maria : Here is your rose… This rose is so expensive. In fact, I don’t know how to pay for it.

Charming : (Takes the rose) This rose is wonderful! But, why is this so expensive? Did you get this from the beast’s castle? Was she angry?

Maria : (Hides her face in her palms, looking stressed) I… yes, I got it from the beast’s castle. Yes, she was angry. I am only here now because I made a promise.

Gertrude : A promise? Who makes a promise with a beast?

Ursula : What was the promise?

Maria : The Beast said that I have to give him the very first thing I saw when I got out of the forest, and it’s you, Charming. I have to give you to her in a week, or else she will come and kill me.

Ursula : (Angry) See, Charming? This is all your fault! You shouldn’t have asked her to bring you a rose!

(Charming is calm)

(Awkward silence falls around them)

(Charming stands up)

Charming : I will go.

Maria : (Surprised) What? No! You can’t, Charming. You don’t know how dangerous she is!

Charming : A promise is a promise, Mother. Furthermore, you are in danger. From where I stand, the only thing I can see is me going.

Maria : But, Charming—

Charming : It is okay, Mother. I insist.

End of Scene 6

Scene 7

Five days later, Charming and his mother left. When they reached the castle, Charming saw how wonderful it was. No matter how brave he might look, deep inside, he was nervous, too.

Charming : Mother, it is fantastic!

(Maria smiles thinly)

Charming : Is anybody here?

(Bellekan emerges in front of them. Charming is slightly surprised, but he hides it well)

Bellekan : Is this the first thing you saw when you got out of the forest?

Maria : (Nods) That’s right.

Bellekan : (To Charming) What is your name?

Charming : I’m Charming.

Bellekan : Don’t be afraid. Tell me. Have you come here because you want to be here?

Charming : Yes, I have.

(Bellekan looks at Maria)

Bellekan : You may now go to the next room, and fill the two big boxes inside with jewels, clothes, and anything you like in the room. After that, leave. Charming, you are coming with me.

Maria : Charming…

Charming : It’s okay, Mother. Just do what she said and leave. I will be fine. I promise you.

(Bellekan gestures Charming to follow her. Charming follows, giving one last look to his mother. The curtain closes)

End of Scene 7

Scene 8

Charming thought that he would be locked up in a dungeon, and would be given food once a day. In other words, he thought he was going to be a prisoner. But turned out, he was given a decent room, and decent meals as well. Only… he was literally treated as a servant.

Bellekan : Charming, that spot over there — (points at the spot)—, it’s still dusty.

(Charming patiently obliges)

Bellekan : Charming, my plate still has stains, and it’s still blurry. I want it to shine.

(Charming still patiently obliges)

Bellekan : Charming, could you please scrub this floor one more time? It’s still greasy.

(Charming obliges. Silence falls over them)

Charming : Bellekan?

Bellekan : Yes?

Charming : Don’t you have servants, or people to help you with all these… stuffs? Are you living alone?

Bellekan : (Clears her throat) Well, I do. But, they’re not actually people

Charming : What do you mean?

Bellekan : You’ll see them later.

End of Scene 8

Scene 9

One night, in his sleep, Charming had a dream. He dreamed that he was in the hall of the castle, and that he saw a beautiful and lovely young lady. Her eyes were dark brown, with a beauty that was not of this world. She was a not an ordinary woman, but a princess.

Bellekan : You, the man over there. Your face has a really stupid look, don’t look at me like that. Anyway, come here!

(Charming is speechless)

Charming : Young lady, do you need anything from me? (Approach Bellekan slowly)

Bellekan : That’s right. (Smile bitterly)

Charming : So, what is it that you need? You look so sad.


Bellekan : I… I want you to help me. (Slowly)

Charming : Sure. But, help you from what?

Bellekan : Find me and save me. Things are not the way they seem. Just listen to your heart.

Charming : What? I don’t understand what you mean. Wait, don’t go! Ugh, I can’t move. (As if something is holding Charming’s feet)

(Bellekan walks out of stage)

 End of Scene 9

 Scene 10

In one part of the castle, three enchanted objects were holding a secret meeting. The king who was turned into a candelabra, the queen who was turned into a clock, and the head maid who was turned into a teapot. The meeting was very secret that even Bellekan didn’t know about it.

Potts : Her Majesty, His Majesty, have you seen the handsome man your daughter has invited?

Colette : Yes, I have. Oh my, my lovely daughter has grown so much.

Lumière : (Shouts) I won’t let it! Bellekan is mine! I won’t let any man touch her!

Colette : Don’t be like that, Dear. Bellekan is no longer a child.

Lumière : No! I still won’t─ (cut)

(Colette smacks Lumière’s head)

Potts : What do you think about that child, Her Majesty?

Colette : Hohoho, I think he is so adorable and hard-working. I wish he were my son.

Lumière : I’m not okay at all. There is no way I want a son like that─ (cut)

(Colette smacks Lumière’s head)

Potts : Well, Her Majesty, I’m worried that Bellekan will trouble him much more than now.

Lumière : Ah, with that child’s personality, she definitely will.

Colette : Mrs. Potts, do you have any advice regarding that?

Potts : I’d suggest we look after him when the needs come.

Lumière : Why should we look after him?

(Colette smacks Lumière’s head but, Lumière blocks it)

Colette : Tch! …That’s a good idea, Mrs. Potts!

(The three of them stand up and walk out the stage)

Lumière : (In the way) What’s so good about that idea?

End of Scene 10

 Scene 11

Many months passed. As a live-in servant, Charming was very serious about his new odd job and discovered an extremely disarrayed and desolated room in the West Wing. Inside the room, there was a rose, a mirror a slashed portrait of a beautiful lady, and a big soft bed. That was the last room he hadn’t cleaned.

Charming : Alright, this is the last one! Let’s rest after this.

(Charming walks in)

Charming : What a beautiful rose. It’s a pity that there are not many petals left.

(Charming walks to the mirror)

Charming : Something is appearing on the mirror. What is it? (Gasp) Mother! Why is she lying down on her bed? Her face looks so pale! Mother is sick. I need to go back home!

(Charming walks towards door)

(Bellekan walks in)

Bellekan : Charming! What are you doing in my room?!

(Charming stops)

Charming : I’m sorry, Bellekan. I didn’t know this is your room. I was just trying to clean your room.

Bellekan : (Shouts angrily) Shut up! You can’t enter my room! You shouldn’t enter!

Charming : I’m really, really sorry, Bellekan. Please forgive me.

Bellekan : Out! Now!

(Bellekan pulls Charming and walk out the stage)

End of Scene 11

Scene 12

Bellekan dragged Charming into his room and locked him there. Bellekan rarely slept in her room but, she didn’t like anyone, even Charming, to look inside her room, especially the Rose. After Bellekan locked the room, she quickly left, ignoring Charming’s shouts. Charming was very anxious, he was worried Maria’s condition would worsen while he was confined there. Suddenly help came to him. The three enchanted objects visited him that afternoon.

Colette : Good afternoon, Charming. I heard our Bellekan locked you here.

(Charming is surprised)

Charming : Who are you? How can unanimated objects talk?

Potts : We are─ (cut)

Lumière : You, Brat! We are not objects. I, Lumière, is the greatest king in history. My dear wife, Colette, is the prettiest and kindest woman in history.

Colette : Dear, you are making me blush. (Smile)

Lumière : And this woman here is Mrs. Potts. The head maid of this castle. Since you are a new servant here, you need to know that─ (cut)

(Colette smacks Lumière’s head)

Colette : Forgive his mistake, Charming. Dear, shall we talk a little? (Evil smile) Mrs. Potts, please take over.

(Colette drags Lumière to one corner of the room)

Potts : I too apologize for His Majesty’s words just now.

Charming : Please don’t. Since Bellekan treats me like that, what he said is not wrong… (Smile wryly) Anyway, that candelabra, I mean king said that he is a king. Is that true?

Potts : Yes, it is true. Although His Majesty is like that, he is indeed a king. A wise and kind king.

Charming : Kind, is it?

(Potts smile wryly. Colette and Lumière come back)

Charming : And your reason for coming here? Did Bellekan ask you to watch me, making sure I don’t run away?

Colette : Fortunately, we are not.

Lumière : Be grateful, Brat. Since we heard Bellekan didn’t give you any food while you are being confined, we are bringing you food. Now, eat up. (Push the food to Charming) Colette was the one who made that. Don’t you dare to say it is not tasty.

(Charming put the food on the table)

Charming : Thank you for your concern, His Majesty, Her Majesty.

(Potts pouting)

Charming : To you too, Mrs. Potts. (Smile)

(Potts smile. Charming’s smile wavers)

Colette : What’s wrong, Charming? Are you sick somewhere? Did my dear Bellekan hit you?

Charming : No, I’m not the one who is sick. My mother is currently ill. I’m worried over her.

Colette : Your mother is?! (Surprised)

Charming : If you don’t mind, His Majesty, Her Majesty, Mrs. Potts, will you please help me go back home?

Lumière : Why should we─ (cut)

(Colette smacks Lumière’s head)

Colette : Of course we will, Charming.

Potts : It’s our pleasure to be able to help you. Now then, I will lead you through a secret passage  below this castle.

End of Scene 12

Scene 13

Mrs. Potts led Charming out of the castle using the secret passage which had been hidden from people. The passage led into a forest near the village. At the same time, when Bellekan visited Charming’s room, she found out that Charming was not in his room. She had a feeling that Charming went back to his village. Bellekan quickly chased him. When Bellekan arrived in the forest, she saw Charming for a second and tried to catch him. Before Bellekan caught up, Charming hid behind a tree. Bellekan tripped and fell.

Bellekan : Charming! I won’t let you go back! I won’t let you leave me! I won’t… (Crying) You can’t leave me… Do you hate me? Was I too harsh on you? I… I’m sorry for all my actions. That’s why… please come back.

(Charming come forth from his hiding)

Bellekan : Charming… (Smile)

(Charming smiles, approaches Bellekan and help her sit. Charming kneel beside Bellekan)

Bellekan : I… I apologize for everything I have done to you. Will you please forgive me?” (Look at Charming with upturned eyes)

Charming : It’s okay. I forgive you. (Smile)

Bellekan : Then, will you go back with me please?

(Charming shake his head)

Charming : I’m sorry, Bellekan, but, I cannot come with you.

Bellekan : Why?!

Charming : My mother is ill at home. I want to see her. Will you let me?

Bellekan : Of course you can! But, it’s only for a day. After that, you have to go back to the castle. Are you alright with it, Charming?

Charming : I’m okay with it. Thank you, Bellekan.

(Charming picks Bellekan and carries her with “Princess Carry” style)

Bellekan : C-Charming! (Surprise)

Charming : Now, before the day turns dark, we have to reach the castle.

Bellekan : Well, it is so, but, you don’t need to carry me like this, right?

Charming : You are hurt. I can’t let a hurt lady walks all the way to the castle.

(While carrying Bellekan, Charming walks out of the stage)

End of Scene 13

Scene 14

Charming waited until the next morning to go to the village. He woke up early in the morning and left after eating a light breakfast. Charming thought after such a long time leaving home, his sisters would welcome him warmly. But, turned out, they were indifferent of his sudden appearance in the house. Seeing this, Charming was very disappointed, but he hid it well.

Gertrude : Oh, Charming, so you are back. Did you bring any present for me?

Ursula : Charming! Where have you put my present? I don’t see it in your bag.

Charming : I’m back, Sisters. I’m sorry but, I don’t bring any present for you. How is Mother? Where is she?

Gertrude : Mother? Since she is sick, she is staying on her bed.

Ursula : Take care of her okay, Charming. Me and Gertrude want to hang out with our friends.

Gertrude : We will come back at noon. Prepare our lunch before we come back.

Ursula : See you!

(Gertrude and Ursula walk out of the stage)


Charming : Let’s think about it later. Mother is more important right now.

(Charming walks towards Maria)

Charming : Mother, I have come back.

Maria : Charming, what are you doing in here? What about the Beast?

Charming : Beast? Did you mean Bellekan?

Maria : That’s right.

Charming : Bellekan allowed me to visit you for one day. After that, I need to go back to the castle.

Maria : I see…

Charming : Are you alright, Mother?

Maria : I’m fine. My head is just spinning and my body sometime throbs.

Charming : That’s a relief.

(Geovani and Le Fia walk in)

Geovani : Charming! I heard you have come back. Oh, where have you been all this time? I was so worried!

Charming : (Taken aback) Geovani? How did you know I’m here?

Le Fia : Oh, we overheard your sisters talked about you being back home. Of course, we immediately came here!

Geovani : (Nods) That’s right.

Charming : Alright… So, do you need anything from me?

Geovani : Right! (Kneel before Charming) Charming, will you please be my husband?

Le Fia : Say yes! Say yes!

(Charming doesn’t know what to do)

Charming : I… I’m so sorry, Geovani, but I… I already have someone else.

Geovani : What?! Who is that girl?! Who dares to take my Charming’s heart from me?!

Le Fia : Right, who dares!

Charming : It’s… it’s no one. In any case, please go back to your house, Geovani, Le Fia. My mother is ill right now. I can’t let anyone disturb her.

(Charming pushes Geovani and Le Fia out of the stage, the comes back to Maria)

Charming : I’m sorry for the noises, Mother.

Maria : Don’t worry about it, Dear. Anyway, Dear, I didn’t know you have someone you like. Who is it?

Charming : (Gasp) M-Mother! You look so pale. You must be feeling very sick. Please get some rest. I will prepare for our lunch.

(Charming walks out of the stage)

End of Scene 14

Scene 15

After lunch had finished, Charming said good bye to his mother and sisters, and left the village. What Charming didn’t know was that Geovani and Le Fia who were watching him since before he departed, followed him back to the castle without Charming knowing it. When Charming arrived, Bellekan had already waited for him.

Bellekan : Welcome back, Charming. (Smile)

Charming : I’m back, Bellekan. (Smile)

(Geovani and Le Fia walk in)

Geovani : Oh, good afternoon, Charming. We meet again. I’m sure this is fate.

Charming : What are you doing here, Geovani?

Le Fia : Ma’am wants to know who your lover is. That’s why we followed you.

(Geovani smacks Le Fia’s head)

Geovani : Don’t say it, Dimwit! (Turn around to Charming and Bellekan) So, this is your lover, Charming. Are you sure you love her? She is so ugly, like a beast!

Le Fia : A beast!

Charming : That’s rude, Geovani, Le Fia. Apologize to Bellekan.

Geovani : Like I want to apologize to such a beast!

Bellekan : You! I have been holding it but, now I’m really mad!

Geovani : So what? You want a fight? Come here! I’m the strongest woman in my village, you won’t be able to even touch me.

Le Fia : Ma’am is the strongest!

(Bellekan and Geovani step forward, grabbed and pull each other hair)

Charming : Wait! Don’t fight!

(Charming separates Bellekan and Geovani, placing himself between them)

Charming : Calm down. Can’t we settle this without violence?

(Bellekan and Geovani glare at each other)

Charming : That’s better…

Le Fia : What…? No more fight…?

(Bellekan suddenly collapses)

Charming : Bellekan!

(Charming crouch down and hold Bellekan)

Geovani : (Shocked) Wait, what’s wrong with her?

Le Fia : Oh, I know what this means! She is dying!

(The three enchanted objects come in holding the Rose with only a petal left)

Potts : Charming! Bad news! There’s only one petal left.

Charming : Wait, just what is going on? What do you mean? Does that rose have anything to do with this situation?

Colette : That’s right, Charming. This Rose is connected to the reason why all of us are in this condition. Bellekan, me, Lumière and Mrs. Potts were normal human before. Before a witch cursed us.

Potts : One night in a snowing day, our castle was visited by a witch. She was trying to ask for a shelter, but Bellekan kicked her out without knowing that she was a witch. The witch was furious, and put a strong spell to everyone in the castle.

Lumière : The witch’s curse was that when the last petal of the Rose falls, and she still hasn’t found a true love, she will become a true beast. One without personality and consciousness.

Charming : Then, what should I do?

Lumière : What? I didn’t expect you to be such an idiot, Brat! I’ll tell you a way. You need to kiss Bellekan to break the curse.

Charming : B-But I… (Hesitate)

(Geovani is in deep thinking. She looks back and forth between Charming and Bellekan)

Geovani : I didn’t know you are a dimwit like Le Fia, Charming. Seriously, how did I fall for a guy like you? You are a man, and I know you love her, Charming. It’s obvious by the way you look at her.

Le Fia : (Nods) Ma’am is right. You love her.

Geovani : Man up! Tell her that you love her and kiss her! Le Fia and I will go now. Remember, her life is in your hand now.

Le Fia : Good bye.

(Geovani and Le Fia walk out of the stage. Charming stare into Bellekan with a loving eyes)

Charming : Bellekan, I love you. (Kiss)

(Bellekan and the enchanted objects return to normal human)

Lumière : Good job, Brat! You did well this time. I will consider you to be Bellekan’s knight─ (Cut)

(Colette smacks Lumière’s head)

Colette : Thank you for saving our Bellekan and us, Charming. Bellekan can become yours anytime. (Smile)

Potts : Thank you, Charming. Now, the curse has been lifted up. As the head maid, I will definitely wait for when you become my master too.

Charming : No, no, rather, thank you for taking care of me.

(Bellekan wakes up)

Bellekan : Charming…

Charming : Yes, Bellekan?

Bellekan : (Smile) I love you, Charming. (Hug)

(Charming blushes)

Bellekan : Will you be my husband, Charming?

Charming : I will. (Kiss)

Charming and Bellekan had a wonderful wedding and had seven healthy children. And so, they lived happily ever after. …Oh, what is this? The witch seemed to had return. Well, well, what will happen now?

End of Scene 15

End of Story

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