Hello there~

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kurenaro Mirror (Of course it’s not my real name!) which is my pen name. Don’t ask the meaning or where did I get that name as I actually don’t know too. Anyway, I won’t say my age (Guess it yourself), you can guess from my posts though. I’m a girl and a Human. What I love? Obviously…… it’s sweets. Girls like those right, if not then she’s not a girl! Though I said I love sweets, unfortunately I can’t coo- I mean I’m learning how to cook. Then, what I dislike is insects and spider. I hate them. Oh, I can’t forget the local language in my province! Hahhahha…. I already give up learning it. I read novels and mangas, sometimes watching animes and like to daydreaming, which lead me to try writing stories. Hmm… what else to say…. Oh right, I’m from Indonesia, so English is not my mother language. Last is… I’m single right now (No boyfriend here~) and have no interest in finding one (Maybe a little…?).

Alright! That’s all about me (For now). Thanks desu~!

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